Carreer move for the gynecologist

A gynecologist decides to quit his job to fufill his life long dream of becoming a mechanic. He decides to take mechanic courses and he does so for a couple of months up until he must take the test. The test consists of taking apart a car’s engine and putting it together perfectly for a score of 200.He does his test and feels confident that he did well.A week later he receives a call,”This is your regarding your test,” The man on the phone says.”Yes, how did I do?””You got 400 over 200″”400 over 200? how did I get that?””You got 100 for taking the motor apart perfectly.””Ok””You got 100 for putting it together perfectly.””So I got a perfect score? How did I get the other extra 200?”The man hesitates and answers, “That’s for doing it all through the muffler!”

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